Tea Time Tips: Halloween Hangover??

Technology was not my friend last night, so bummer for you I don’t have a Tea Time video of myself to share. haha.  But I still have some Tea Time Tips to share with you on this Monday morning!

Are you suffering from the Halloween Hangover (i.e. too many unhealthy indulgences in a short time span)?  Do you have a jack-o-lantern (or three) full of a candy store variety?  Will this said bucket (or three) continue to tempt you for days, months, maybe even a year to come until it is ALL gone?

The good news?  I have a few tips that might help you resist that temptation.

#1: Just because you have a big bucket (or three) full of candy does not mean that you HAVE to eat it!  I recommend choosing a few of your (and your kids) favorite kind.  Put it in a little Ziploc baggie and store it with the rest of your snacks.  Ration it out and then find an alternative way to get rid of the rest of your candy store (aside from your stomach).  Get creative.  Re-gift it for Christmas even…I find no shame in that.  haha.  You really don’t need buckets of candy nagging at you for an entire year.

#2:  If you are like me, don’t stash it in a secret spot thinking that it will make it harder for you to give in to the call of the candy.  Even as an adult, I still like to go searching for hidden Christmas presents because of the intrigue of the unknown.  Hiding the candy will NOT keep you (or children) away.  Trust me!

#3: Did you manage to rid of the massive amount of candy somehow, but still have a sweet tooth?  My sweet tooth never goes away.  What do I do?  Sometimes, I do indulge in my favorite treats.  No guilt about it.  But I know that I need to have an arsenal of sweet options. Otherwise, I might just go hog wild and eat a TON of chocolate ice cream.  Ok, maybe not that much.  I recommend making “healthier” sweet alternatives to stock up on.  Just last night, I made these sweet babies and stocked them in my freezer for future sweet tooth attacks.

#4:  If you really over did it with the sweets and feel like you need a reboot to the system, ask me about doing a Shakeology cleanse or for more info on my “Survive the Holidays” Challenge starting on November 18th!

Have a GREAT new week!  And don’t forget to BE AWESOME 🙂

~Coach Callee

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